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Family is an important element, and my site wouldn't be complete without photos of the family members that have been important to me in every aspect of my life. Also, I can't resist including a family member from the animal kingdom, since I love birds so much!!!!!!

pileated woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker

At 16-19", this is the largest woodpecker in Michigan. Shown here is the male. He is most often heard rather than seen, and it is easy to distinguish his "wuk-wuk-wuk" from other birds in the woods. Evidence of his presence can be seen in snags, stumps and logs as he leaves large deep rectangular holes. My favorite of the 8 woodpeckers we have here in Michigan.

Mom and Grandma=240 pixels

Two Special Women

Grandma(left)and Mom. Two very important women in my life. In her early 60's grandma returned to college to get her degree in nursing. Now in her 80's, she is still going strong, and working in Isreal as a missionary. Mom has always been more than just a mom, she is also a friend. She has always been there for me and supported everything I've set out to do. I couldn't ask for a better Mother than her. I love you Mom!!!!

Dad=180 pixels


My mentor and hero all tied up into one. There is so much to be said, but not enough room so I will put it simply like this; if I could ever find a man that is half the man Dad is I would be happy!